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NMIN Project Database

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TitlePITheme/ProgramHost Institution

Neutrophil encapsulation platform for targeted drug delivery

Allen, Christine Targeted Drug Delivery University of Toronto

Development of the Metaplex immuno-oncology platform

Bally, Marcel Targeted Drug Delivery UBC

Triggered release of anticancer drugs from lipid nanoparticles

Cullis, Pieter Targeted Drug Delivery UBC

Nanoparticle formulations for anti-inflammatory IDR peptides

Hancock, Robert Targeted Drug Delivery UBC

Nano-delivery of novel inhibitors of DNA repair for enhanced therapy in head & neck cancer

Lavasanifar, Afsaneh Targeted Drug Delivery University of Alberta

Targeting myeloid leukemia with nanomedicines

Rossi, Fabio Targeted Drug Delivery UBC

Targeting the NLRP3 inflammasome with lipid nanoparticles for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Verchere, Bruce Targeted Drug Delivery UBC

Lipidic nanoparticle formulation of a triple adjuvant for intranasal vaccines

Wasan, Ellen Targeted Drug Delivery University of Saskatchewan

GeneCure: Application of lipid nanoparticle technology to gene therapies in a variety of tissues

Cullis, Pieter Gene Therapies UBC

A multiomics screen to identify phagocyte-specific LNPs for immunotherapy

Harder, Kenneth Gene Therapies UBC

Development and optimization of LNP-based gene therapy approaches in the brain

Leavitt, Blair Gene Therapies UBC

Site-specific laser-mediated gene therapy for corneal endothelial diseases

Meunier, Michel Gene Therapies Polytechnique Montreal

Development and utilization of in vivo systems to optimize lipid nanoparticles for therapeutic genome editing: Focus on delivery to muscle for the treatment of LPL Deficiency

Ross, Colin Gene Therapies UBC

Predicting nanoparticle tumour delivery via serum protein adsorption

Chan, Warren Diagnostics University of Toronto

Development of an integrated chip for exosome analysis in cancer

Kelley, Shana Diagnostics University of Toronto

Automated biofunctionalization of lipid nanoparticles for CAR T Cell Therapy

Pardee, Keith Diagnostics University of Toronto

A platform to screen for upregulation of soluble calreticulin as a tool to develop nanomedicines targeting acute myeloid leukemia

Walker, Gilbert Diagnostics University of Toronto

Customisable metallo-nanotexaphyrins for cancer imaging and therapy

Zheng, Gang Diagnostics University of Toronto

PharmaCore: Preclinical Scale-up Manufacturing & Project Management Core Facility

Bally, Marcel Core Facilities UBC

NanoCore: The Translational NanoMedicines Formulation & Characterization Core Facility

Cullis, Pieter Core Facilities UBC